Hey! I'm Namu. I photograph amazing people in love with amazing people.

I'm a talented, funny, awesome, caring wedding photographer serving Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, the SF Bay Area and everywhere in-between. I also capture fun company and family events, make pretty pictures of food and create gorgeous portraits of athletes, employees, kids, couples and more!

Please view my website on a Mac or PC for full quality (tiny little cellphone screens just don't do it justice!).

Based in Pismo Beach, California, USA

You got engaged!

So excited for both of you! And I genuinely mean that. I think connecting with your photographer is super important, so here's my take on wedding photography - if you dig it, then maybe I'm your guy! A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and a photographer's job is to help you and the people you love remember it forever. Some photographers do that by focusing on creating masterpiece bridal portraits and that's their thing, I love that. But my thing? I'm a documentarian, a story teller, someone who excels at capturing "the vibe". I'm less focused on traditional portrait posing and more focused on the candid capturing of the entire event - the pageantry of it all, the hilarious moments that spring up out of nowhere, the younger cousins gathered in the corner doing their best to look cool and unimpressed. I shoot the colors and the lights and the ambience. I capture the kids bounding joyously between the legs of laughing parents. My job is to get a ton of gorgeous shots of the two of you, but to also give you breathing room to actually enjoy your time together on a day you worked so hard for! Sound good so far? Keep going!
  • 135 weddings photographed as a primary!
  • And over a dozen more as a secondary, and you can see a lot of them right here. Tons of experience, hundreds of thousands of lovingly-created images and innumerable happy couples.
  • One of the fastest turn around times in the business.
  • Most of the time, you'll get a sneak peek by the next day (but always within three days), and your full galleries are guaranteed to be delivered within three weeks!
  • My couples say lovely things about me!
  • Who better to get a referral from than a happy client? Wanna read all the nice things? Click here.
  • Wide open lens AND arms!
  • I welcome LGBT, straight, BIPOC, white, old and young clients alike! I have my feet firmly in many communities and love being part of all of them. I happen to be a straight-presenting, hetero-leaning omnisexual myself, and my adorable 12 year old son who thinks he's 20? Half-Asian. Real talk? It doesn't matter to me what group you identify with - if you love love, then you're my kind of people.
  • Team work makes the dream work.
  • If we're going to make your wedding truly special, we need to collaborate on your vision for WORLD DOMINATI- um, sorry, got my story lines mixed up. You get the point, though - it's about TEAMWORK!
  • Lots of high fives!
  • I mean, who doesn't love high fives?
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