Wanna know the most common excuse I give people when they ask “Namu, why aren’t you rich yet?” (or successful or married or a leader in your field, etc)

It’s “I have extenuating circumstances.”

And I do! And they’re not great circumstances, but guess what? So many other people who achieved success in their field or their project or their fitness journey or in their relationships ALSO faced serious set backs and had “extenuating circumstances”.

The difference between them and me is that I often allowed my fear of success, my worry about failing and my unique set of “extenuating circumstances” to become a block. A mental block that kept me from doing the things I needed to do to break on through to the other side (Doors reference, anyone?).

Yes, sometimes there were real problems, financial or health for example, that kept me from moving forward, but most of those blocks? Just excuses. And those other people who hit their goals did it because they became very good at side-stepping their excuses.

I’ll share some of mine, as a photographer:

“I don’t have the right equipment.”
“I don’t have the money right now.” (as I spend $20 on McDonald’s)
“My ADHD is making it hard to focus on all the things I need to do.”
“That other photographer already does it better than me, why bother?”

Excuses are a big part of failure, so let’s talk about them. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back from taking that next step, or reaching that next level?

Need help figuring it all out? Message me and we can work on banishing our excuses together! 😀