How are you setting yourself up to win this week, y’all?

Are you tracking your goals? What does that look like for you? My ADHD fights me tooth and nail when it comes to keeping organized, but I still give it the ol’ college what for.

I use Google Keep to record things I will likely forget 27 seconds after someone’s told me, I use the Lightning calendar inside Mozilla Thunderbird to track important dates and events (for work and personal), I use my Android phone’s clock reminders and Google reminders both to reinforce the reminders I put in my calendar (because ADHD makes me likely to just swipe/ignore, even when it has an irritating klaxon sound attached to it). I use Airtable to track all kinds of data like upcoming gigs, new clients, financials, visits with my kiddo, etc. I also have a journal organizer that I will occasionally stare at longingly, but ultimately never touch.

What do you do to keep organized each week? What works for you?

And, as usual, if you need great photos? Hit me up!