Right now, I want you to FOCUS.

Pick /one thing/ and decide that you’re going to manhandle it over the next few minutes or hours. Today, you’re going to knock that thing out of the park!

💥 We think about a lot of things, but thinking is easy. What you focus on, you’re going to actually act on.

💥 And what you act on, you’re going to put a lot of effort into.

💥And where you give a lot of effort, you’re going to see real results.

Far too often, we forget that succeeding in life/business/love requires us to do more than just the minimum and it’s way too easy to fall into the trap of just existing. Just doing the least necessary.

A lot of people think “doing the most” is a put down – like, you’re doing way too much, you’re being way too dramatic, you’re being ridiculous with your effort level. OK, as a friend? Maybe that’s too much. But in business? THAT’S HOW YOU SUCCEED.

Focus your mind.

Focus your goals.

Focus your effort.

What will you give your focus to today?

P.S. – this photo is a great example of what focus can do for you. In my mid-20s, I built an import carshow website with a street team of 5 in southern California, a street team of 10 in the bay area, a modeling team with 30+ girls all over California. After a couple years of focus, my website was the second most-visited website in the WORLD for carshows. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about monetization back then, so focus by itself wasn’t enough to bring success, but that’s for another post, lol.