Tuesday November 7th 2023 / Namu Night at The Mark with DJ YBRE

Photos © Namu Williams, all rights reserved. Feel free to download and share your photos, and make sure to follow @namuwilliams, @namunight, @themarkslo on IG – tag us when you share for a chance to win free VIP tickets to the next event!

The inaugural Namu Night (presented by Shin’s Sushi and sponsored by Drew Light, Tech Savagery, Famemakers, Bee House Thai, KJB Sports Apparel and Tiger Lily Salon) was held at The Mark SLO on Tuesday November 7th, 2023. It was loud, fun and a success – downtown SLO hasn’t seen that kind of action on a Tuesday night since Pint Night was a thing, pre-pandemic! If you didn’t come through, you missed out!

Shout out to Nick, Marites, Hilary, our lovely gogo dancers Addy, Ava and NoAmi (and our pitch hitter Dayna for filling in last minute!), to all the patrons who bought both VIP and regular tickets, to the diehards who drove from out of town or flew in from out of the country, to all the Mark staff who gave great service on a Tuesday night, to Chenin who made the best bottle service girl ever, Shakira and Nicky for wearing the Namu Night digital helmet at Farmer’s Market and to our faves, the girl gang who danced all night and made the party even more fun, we salute you! Don’t forget, VIP forever!

To those who helped in any way, big or small, we appreciate you. We were able to make this event happen thanks to The Mark and lots of people who believed in us. Next time around will be twice as big and four times as dope!

Speaking of, the next Namu Night is already in motion – it will be at The Mark again and will be a theme night – we’re doing a new Namu Night theme every two months, so keep your eyes locked on our Instagrams for announcements!