Do you have safety measures in place for COVID-19?

Absolutely! Your health (as well as mine) is always a top priority. Before our session:

  • I always make sure the location we’ve chosen is open to the public during the pandemic.
  • I’ll suggest a new location if the original is too crowded or seems unsafe.
  • I’ll reach out to you two days before our session to make sure everyone is healthy. I have an 11 year old son who is at a higher risk than others, so please let me know if you or anyone in your group is showing any symptoms of a cold or otherwise and we can reschedule when everyone is feeling great again!

During our session:

  • Please let me know if there is anyone not yet vaccinated in your group or if your group has children under the age of 12 in it, and I will wear a mask and keep six feet away at all times, to protect them. I’m fully vaccinated, but even vaccinated people can transmit the virus.
  • If everyone in our session is fully vaccinated, and with your permission, then I may choose to go maskless, but I will always maintain social distancing. Of course, anyone being photographed does not have to wear a mask.

Can I see your full portfolio before I book?

For sure. You can see full galleries here: namu.smugmug.com

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

It really depends on the type of session. Weddings should be booked 6 months to a year out, event coverage should be booked 1 to 3 months out and portrait sessions should be booked a month out. Of course, I’m happy to have last-minute inquiries, even for weddings – there’s always a chance I’ll have your date open!

How many people can be in my session?

Family portrait sessions are for 2 adults and unlimited children. Each additional adult is $50 per person. For all other session types, it depends on the requirements of the shoot.

*If more people show up to your shoot than you originally indicated when booking, they’re welcome! But each additional person will be charged $75 cash.

Will you share my photos online without asking permission first?

One of my favorite things to do post-session is go through the images I created for you, choose my favorite nine shots and then post them on social media! But I understand that some clients are more private than others, so if you’d like me to not post those nine images, or to make your gallery private, that’s something I’m happy to do. It’s important to understand, though, that as the creator of the art, I own the copyright to every image I create, which means that I have the legal right to use any of those images for self-promotion, and not posting your images is a courtesy I’m providing to you because I value your happiness as a client and a human over my ability to share the images. With that said, if you are amenable to a private gallery but a public nine images, that’s a win for both of us!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you need to reschedule and I have an open date on my calendar that works for both of us, I’ll just switch your session to that new date, no problem. If you need to cancel, also no problem, things come up! But please understand that your 50% prepayment is not a deposit, but a fee paid in advance for work I do in preparation or advance of your session, and that fee isn’t refundable. If you cancel two or more weeks in advance, I’m happy to refund any other money you’ve paid towards your session (other than your prepayment). Please note, though, if you cancel within 7 days of your session, your full fee will be forfeit. You are also welcome to apply any fees paid (including the 50% prepayment) towards any future session!

What if I am running late?

Life sometimes gets in the way and I get it! Just text or call me as soon as you can. There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re going to be late:

I could have another session booked directly after yours, so if you’re late, you might end up with less session time. When you contact me to let me know you’ll be late, I can tell you whether I have another session or not, but please be aware: there are no refunds or discounts for lost session time due to arriving late.

It’s a good idea to plan to arrive to your session location a little early – maybe to have a drink nearby or just relax for a few minutes…this way you don’t start off the shoot feeling rushed. And don’t forget that traffic and parking can be hectic sometimes, so throw a little extra time in for that.

If you know you’re going to be late and would like to schedule some extra time with me at your session (assuming I don’t have another session directly after yours), the rate is $75 per half hour, payable in cash or via cash app.

What happens if there’s bad weather during our session?

If there’s just a little rain or skies are gray, we’re going to shoot! Sometimes those can result in some of the best, most unique images. If it’s a real storm, we’ll likely need to reschedule to another open date on my calendar. Please note: there are no refunds for weather or natural disasters.

I had a great time shooting with you. Can I tip you after the shoot?

You are an awesome person! Tips are always appreciated but never expected. It may seem to the average person that professional photographers charge a LOT of money (and that’s true in many cases!), but in my case, I charge a lot less than many of my peers, and when you factor in travel time to and from the event, research time for locations, on-location scouting, the photoshoot time itself and the sometimes hours of editing that comes after the session, I make a lot less per hour than you might think.

When will I see the photos?

Quickly! Most smaller sessions are delivered same or next day! Larger sessions like high capacity events are delivered on a slower schedule. Once your images are ready, I’ll email you a link to your gallery. There will also be a link in that email to leave feedback or a testimonial – I’d love to hear what you thought of your session and images!

What size are the photos?

I deliver full resolution images! These are huge file sizes, so keep that in mind – you’ll want to use a laptop or PC when downloading. I’m happy to provide a second gallery with 1920×1080 web-resolution images for a $50 fee.

What format will I receive my photos in?

Your images are delivered in JPEG format and are always watermarked with my company logo placed unobtrusively in the bottom right corner. RAW files are never delivered as part of any session fee, but can be purchased in a “buy out” price negotiated at contract signing.

Do I own the photos?

As the creator of the art, I’m the copyright holder and own the images, but I assign you the right to use the images any way you see fit as long as it’s for personal use (not commercial – that means you can’t sell the images, transfer or assign rights to them, without my permission). You can download them anywhere, share them online, hang them on your walls, text them to your grandmother! The only limits I put on your personal use is that you don’t obscure or remove my logo from the images, and that you don’t edit the images yourself. This includes using filters in apps like Instagram or stand-alone editing apps on your phone.

Which photos will end up in my gallery?

I have more than a decade of experience, so you can trust that I will include only the best shots in your gallery. No repeats, no shots that are just slightly different versions of the same shot, no blurry shots and no accidentally inappropriate shots. Due to the candid nature of my photography style, not every shot is going to turn out the way we want or expect, but no fear! The best shots will end up in your gallery.

Can I buy the shots that you took but didn’t include in the gallery?

Unfortunately, no. Even if you say “pretty please, with a cherry on top!”

If I think an image isn’t suitable for including in your gallery, then it gets deleted. I only share work that is representative of my brand and my personal style of photography.

What kind of photo editing is included?

My style is very candid, using both natural and off-camera lighting. Many of my shots (humble brag) look pretty good right out of the camera and don’t need much editing, so I generally just crop and color-correct. Photoshopping fly-away hair, blemishes, closed eyes or other extensive editing is not included, but can be added to any session for $150 per 30 images (or fraction thereof).

Can I book a photosession for someone else?

Definitely! I’m happy to have you pay for a session for someone else, but please understand that because photography can be a very personal thing for different people, I’ll still need to coordinate the details of the shoot with them, and though you’re paying for their session, they will be my client.

Are you available for commercial photography projects?

Absolutely, please email hello@namu.love or call 510.679.4158 to discuss the details.