Namu Williams,
Owner & Primary Photographer

Wasabi, y'all!

Father of Roman Ali. Self-taught. Team Canon. 寿司デーモン. Tough Mudder. Voracious reader. Bedroom dancer. Shower singer.

If you haven't guessed it by now, my name is Namu (sounds like fondue). Super glad to have you here on my website! I’m a Bay Area-born, West Virginia-raised photographer who loves sushi, my son and taking pictures of awesome people. One of these three things is much more important than the others, though. It's sushi. (haha, sorry kiddo!)

As you've probably figured out by now, I'm very serious about my business, but I'm also very much in touch with my inner 12 year old, laughing too much and being excited about everything around me. I'm also nerd-adjacent, a former nationally-ranked amateur videogamer and a consummate over-sharer.

Keep scrolling for more photos and some fun facts!


1. When my son decides he isn’t too embarrassed to hold my hand in public (he’s at that age, lol)
2. The sound of raindrops on a metal roof (hard to find in Cali!)
3. Reading a great book in the shade of an umbrella next to the ocean
4. Looking at color palettes and dreaming about painting walls in fun colors
5. Dancing to hiphop, dancehall and neosoul
6. Wandering aimlessly around cultural festivals
7. Learning a handful of phrases in seven languages and then never becoming fluent in any of them


1. I’m ridiculously in love with sushi. Like, a lot. Too much, probably. OK, I have a problem with sushi.
2. I’m a silver medal winner in the U.S. Academic Decathlon, in the "extemporaneous speaking" category. If you know what extemporaneous speaking means, you'll know why this is funny, lol.
3. I was a nightclub bouncer/head of security for a decade, and discovered my love of photography during that time period.
4. “Namu” is my real name, on my birth certificate and everything. Ask me about how I got the name!
5. I’m pretty good at dodgeball, in spite of being old as dirt.
6. My kiddo is three times as cute as I am, and I’m pretty damned cute.
7. I was a rapper in my twenties and during my rap career I opened up for KRS-One, Lil’ Kim, Salt N’ Pepa, Common and other acts you’ve probably only heard of if you’re really into 90s hip hop.

OK, OK, that's enough about me, let’s talk about you! I’d love to speak with you on the phone, email or through video chat. Let’s get you some gorgeous photos!