Badass California wedding, event & portrait photographer. Awesome dad. Sushi addict.


I'm Namu! I photograph amazing people in love with amazing people.

I adore my job. End of story. OK, maybe you need a little more, lol. Here's the nitty gritty: some photographers focus on creating masterpiece bridal portraits and that's dope! But I'm not a master portrait photographer, I'm a master documentarian, and I excel at capturing the overall vibe of your wedding day in a realistic way. Realistic colors, realistic emotions, realistic vibe. I will absolutely get tons of beautiful portraits of you! But where I really shine is telling your story with my photographs. Knowing how to make your friends and family laugh, so they relax around me and take better photos. Being fast on the draw and catching shots that will make you say "How did you even capture that?!" I really love what I do. I may not be the greatest photographer in the industry, but when you think about how much your guests loved me, when you remember how easy I made everything, when you're going through your photos the first, tenth and hundredth time? You'll feel like I was worth every penny. Sound good so far? Keep scrolling!
  • 137 weddings photographed as a primary!
  • And over a dozen more as a secondary, and you can see a lot of them right here. Tons of experience, hundreds of thousands of lovingly-created images and innumerable happy couples.
  • One of the fastest turn around times in the business.
  • Assuming no circumstances outside my control, you'll get a sneak peek THE NEXT DAY, and your full galleries delivered within three weeks!
  • My couples say lovely things about me!
  • Who better to get a referral from than a happy client? Wanna read all the nice things? Click here.
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