Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, a franchise or a corporate mainstay, social media can be hard to navigate. Maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you don’t have the know-how, maybe it’s both! But growing your social media presence is incredibly important in this day and age where reputations are made online – a social media profile is not only the new business card, it’s also your customer service hub, marketing platform and of course, a place for your customers to engage with each other and your content!

I can help you grow your followers, increase engagement, strengthen your brand, get your message out to the masses and most importantly, increase your bottom line. And I can achieve the same results for far less than the cost of hiring an employee (or even a team of them!). Not only do you get real help with your social media, but every one of these packages includes professional grade photography at no extra cost.

There are three packages to choose from – let’s start with the most comprehensive one, which also happens to be the best value.

ALL-IN-ONE OPTION: Social Media Manager

This program is best for clients who are looking for significant social media growth fully managed by a professional marketer.

Fee: $2500/month (payable on the first, via cash, Zelle or Venmo)

Are you ready to seriously level up your social media? We’ll meet to discuss your goals, your message and your tone, and then I’ll begin to personally curate up to two of your social media feeds using photos, video and text to drive new followers and significantly increase your engagement. To achieve this, I’ll visit your business up to three times each week (at up to 30 minutes per visit) to photograph a company event, your staff, patrons, products or environment, and I’ll send you the best images from each session, fully edited and ready to use. Based on our discussions about your tone and direction, I’ll choose images from those weekly sessions to use in multiple social media posts – you can provide the entire text, just information you’d like included or you can let me craft the posts entirely. To help build consistency and long-term growth, I’ll create one-time and ongoing campaigns to promote products or drive foot traffic and sales, always with your brand’s message and tone in mind.

In addition to the photography and social posts, you’ll receive the following every month:

  1. One editorial grade off-camera lighting portrait session per month (great for staff portraits, product features, press and editorial features and more)
  2. Four short-form custom vertical videos per month (great for reels, stories or TikTok)
  3. All necessary graphic design and copy-writing for social media posts
  4. Fully-guided social media management on up to two social media platforms (traditionally Facebook and Instagram)
  5. Regular consultations for overall company marketing and branding (to help maintain alignment between your brand and your social media image)

This is available as a 6 or 12 month contract. Sign up for a year contract and save $600!

ADVANCED OPTION: Social Media Assistant

This program is best for clients who are looking for steady social media growth with assistance planning and directing their social media campaigns.

Fee: $1000/month (payable on the first, via cash, Zelle or Venmo)

Already have a following but you’re ready to see bigger growth? Don’t have time to put the work in to create the content you’ll need for that growth? This is the plan you want. I’ll visit your business once a week (up to 30 minutes per visit) to photograph a company event, your staff, patrons, products or environment. I’ll curate the best of those images and deliver up to 20 beautiful, candid marketing photos same day. I’ll write and share up to three social media posts per week (on up to two platforms), I’ll produce one short-form custom vertical video per month and I’ll give you suggestions and guidance that will help you shape your social media image and grow your followers. You can be as involved or hands-free as you like, and together we can build your follower base, strengthen your branding and bring some consistency and creativity to your social media feeds.

This is available as a 6 or 12 month contract. Sign up for a year contract and save $600!


This program is best for clients who want to kick-start their social media growth or maintain a basic, steady growth.

Fee options (payable on the first, via cash, Zelle or Venmo):
1. $450 per month

For those who have gift card systems in place, I also offer two trade options for this package:
2. $200 cash/$250 trade
3. $500 trade

I’ll come to your business or event once a week and take photos for up to 15 minutes. From those photos, I’ll choose the best 7 candid marketing photos and email them to you same day. Additionally, using one or more of those 7 images and verbiage provided by you (or written by me), I’ll create one social media post for your business per week, on the day of your choosing.

This is available as a 6 or 12 month contract. Sign up for a year contract and save $50 per month (*not valid for contracts that include trade).

Please note: with trade credit, you get to charge full retail price, including taxes. This means your trade value is even better, because you’re paying wholesale for your product, but I’m buying it at retail!


The value here is incredible. All by themselves, the professional-grade marketing shots of your events, staff, products or store you’ll receive each week are worth far more than the monthly fee! But to also get fresh, new content for your social feeds every single week AND you can completely hand off social media posting AND you get consistent help with your overall marketing and branding? For a busy small business owner, that’s worth its weight in gold.

Growth without buying ads can be tedious and slow, but by partnering with me, your followers and brand awareness will grow far more quickly.

Are you ready to change your brand trajectory for the better?