Being grateful for your influences is important!

It’s important to be grateful for and show appreciation of the people who help you get where you need to be or inspire you or that you’ve learned from, right? So here are 4 people in the photography industry that I admire, and why!

David LaChapelle – (
Arguably one of the greatest photographers of all time, and to me, the best photographer, hands down, when it comes to creating interesting, colorful and striking imagery. I don’t think I want to create the same kind of images, but I definitely strive to create images with some similarities in color and style. So dope.

Alessio Albi – (
Alessio is a fashion photographer with a ridiculously good eye for composition. A lot of fashion work tends to look the same, but some of his work really manages to turn it on its ear.

Pye Jirsa – (
Pye is probably the person I aspire to be the most in the photography world. He’s the founder of SLR Lounge, one of the shooters at Lin & Jirsa Weddings and recently, he’s been branching out to do some life/relationship coaching. A lot of what he does in terms of education and coaching, he offers for free, which is something I love about him. I think there are ways to earn a lot of money while giving a lot away for free.

Eric Coleman – (
Eric has been a bay area homeboy since we were both bouncers at the Agenda Lounge in San Jose back in the day. Hilarious that we both ended up as photographers. He’s been a sounding board, a podcast partner and a source of feedback over the years, and not only is he an ultra-dope photographer, but he’s also a single dad with a kiddo my son’s age. A lot of parallels!

Tell me someone in your industry that you admire and why!