Should I use keywords in my website?

Absolutely. Keywording is incredibly important and a very effective tool for helping route traffic to your web properties for all businesses, including and maybe even especially, for photographers. But do it with care, and make sure you use words that are actually related to the work you do. Slapping hundreds of keywords in a website, especially words that don’t really apply to what you do, can harm your search results position.

Focus on locations you serve (city names, counties or countries), the type of equipment you use (and brands!), the services you offer, keywords related to the types of clients you like to work with.

Take time to choose your words carefully. You can find lots of tutorials online about the how and where of keyword placement, so I won’t include that information here, but remember that proper word selection is the key (no pun intended, lol) to keyword use.

Don’t forget that keywords can go in multiple places in your website, like the body of posts, the header, in URLs, all kinds of places. Making good use of keywords means finding the right words, placing them in the right places and making sure search engines are finding them.

Finally, you might be tempted to set your keywords and then walk away for good, but don’t. Keep your eyes on trends and update your keywords regularly, at least once a year.

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